Shauni De Gussem
shaunidegussem (at) icloud (dot) com

Shauni De Gussem is a professional freelance screenwriter and story consultant. She also writes criticism on and gives talks about film, visual and narrative culture, creative writing, psychoanalysis, and literature for various publications and initiatives. Furthermore, she lectures in film analysis, screenwriting, and narrative research to the Bachelor and Master students of film school LUCA School of Arts and in creative writing at Wisper. She sometimes dabbles in visual arts projects as well.

De Gussem holds a Master’s degree in Audiovisual Arts (Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound School of Arts Brussels) and a Master’s degree in Comparative Modern Literature (Ghent University).

For the successes one of her short films had abroad, De Gussem was honoured by the City of Ghent as Cultural Laureat 2017.

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